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Give Back Event November 14

Give Back Event November 14

Join in on the shopping fun just in time for the holidays for this give back event that benefits Capital City Chicks.

What is Capital City Chicks ATX?

Capital City Chicks ATX is a dedicated group of women who are passionate about empowering young individuals involved in 4H and FFA programs. By forming a buyer group, they aim to create a supportive community that encourages the growth and success of these talented youth.

Empowering Youth Through Livestock Exhibitions

Participating in livestock exhibitions at Rodeo Austin offers numerous benefits for the youth involved. It goes beyond the competition and showcases the importance of personal responsibility, financial and time management, fair play, good sportsmanship, hard work, and integrity.

Through the competitive nature of these exhibitions, participants learn valuable life skills that will serve them well in their future endeavors. They develop a strong work ethic, learn to manage their resources effectively, and understand the importance of fair play and integrity.

Supporting the Future

One of the most significant aspects of Capital City Chicks ATX's involvement is the financial support they provide to the youth. The top-placing livestock at the Rodeo Austin show auctions are sold for a premium, and the proceeds go directly to the participants.

This financial boost enables the youth to purchase livestock and supplies for the upcoming year, ensuring their continued participation in these programs. Additionally, the funds raised also contribute to their college education and future endeavors, setting them up for success in their chosen paths.


Capital City Chicks ATX is not just an organization; it is a catalyst for change and empowerment. By supporting the 4H and FFA youth involved in livestock exhibitions at Rodeo Austin, they are shaping the future leaders of our community. Through their dedication and financial assistance, they are providing opportunities for personal growth, education, and success.

Capital City Chicks ATX is a shining example of how a collective effort can make a significant impact on the lives of young individuals. Their commitment to fostering critical life skills and supporting the dreams of these talented youth is truly commendable.

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